Tequila can be kept for a long period of time if it is stored correctly. Tequila experts point out the best way to preserve the quality and flavor of the distillate

Tequila is not a drink that expires. However, it is important to store it correctly so that this Mexican distillate maintains its characteristics over time.

Unlike other alcoholic beverages such as beer, spirits are not perishable. Casa México points out that, if the fermentation process is done correctly, due to the high alcohol content, tequila has a shelf life of several years.

A bottle of tequila can maintain its quality for more than 5 years when stored correctly. After opening the bottle, tequila loses quality over time.

It is worth noting that tequila does not improve over the years once it is bottled. When tequila is removed from the barrel it loses the ability to mature and improve.

The way in which tequila is stored is essential to preserve its quality and flavor, whether it is a closed bottle or an open bottle.

How to store tequila correctly

closed bottle

The tequila bottle must be kept tightly closed. When the tequila is opened, it loses alcohol due to evaporation, according to Casa Sauza.

Keeping the lid tightly closed is also important to maintaining the quality of the tequila. It will prevent oxidation that causes flavors and aromas to slowly deteriorate.

Suitable temperature and away from light

Tequila should be stored away from heat and direct light, it should be stored in a cool, dark place to ensure that the flavors and aromas are preserved.

Sudden changes in temperature can also affect the quality of tequila. Avoid storing the drink near a window, stove or heater.

Tequila experts recommend that the liquor be stored at a temperature of 50 to 55 °F (10 to 13 °C). It is not recommended to refrigerate tequila or freeze it, as it can affect the aroma and flavor of the drink.

Liquor cabinets can be set to the proper temperature. If you don’t have a cabinet, and you live in a warm place, tequila can be stored in a dark cabinet.

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