Sesame seeds can be an excellent addition to cooking your fried eggs, a simple and easy preparation but with great flavor, texture and nutrient content.

Fried eggs are tasty, cheap, simple and easy to prepare. One of the most popular ways to cook eggs and that you can improve by adding some ingredients, such as sesame or sesame seeds.

While you only need one egg, one pan, oil, and a touch of salt for basic fried eggs, adding more spices or ingredients like vegetables and seeds can enrich the flavor and even the nutritional value of your dish.

Cookbook author Christine Flynn shared a video on Instagram of her frying an egg in a layer of sesame seed oil. While the egg is frying, add a generous amount of seeds on top as well.

Sesame seeds provide a slightly nutty flavor and crunchy texture. Finally, Flynn places his fried egg with sesame seeds on toast with labneh (yogurt) and harissa (hot sauce).

“Don’t stop frying an egg with sesame seeds, that’s all I’m saying,” recommends Flynn on her Instagram account. Users were quick to praise how good the fried eggs with sesame seeds looked.

“It’s excellent. Done this morning. Now, probably tomorrow and several more tomorrows,” wrote one of the writer’s followers. “I’m pretty worried about everything else I might miss after seeing this,” another user wrote.

Sesame seeds can not only elevate the flavor and texture of fried eggs, they also add healthy nutrients. According to the specialized health and nutrition site, Nourish by WebMD, sesame seeds are rich in protein, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

“They are packed with copper, which helps make red blood cells and also supports immune system function. In fact, just one cup of dried sesame seeds gives you 163% of your daily value of copper,” shares WebMD.

Sesame seeds are also a source of manganese and calcium. Soaking or roasting the seeds can improve the absorption of these minerals. In addition, these seeds provide B vitamins (thiamine, niacin and vitamin B6) that are essential for many bodily processes, including proper cell function and metabolism.

You can pre-roast your sesame seeds and have them ready whenever you want to add nutrients and a nice crunch to your fried eggs.

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