Four beauty forecasts for autumn that you can use now according to an expert

Four beauty forecasts for autumn that you can use now according to an expert

Sometimes it seems difficult to keep up to date with trends, to look current, to look renewed in each work or professional encounter, much more after overcoming three years in a sports suit and with a washed face behind the computer monitor. However, with some changes and aesthetic strategies it can be achieved. For this it is useful to be up to date with the beauty forecasts for the following months offered by the experts.

Renowned beauty and makeup artist Hannah Metz runs Hannah Elisabeth Beauty, a beauty collective that brings together some of the most talented hair and makeup artists in the United States, with locations in Chicago, Nashville, Dallas, Southeast Florida, and Northern and Southern California, making her an authoritative voice in drawing what may be the path of hair and makeup for the coming months.

According to Metz, these beauty trends will be a real fashion statement during the fall and he contemplates that women will be eager to get ready carefully for this season, after a hot summer that forced us to air-dry our hair.

Trends for very current hair

The high bun

Hair tied back is one of the easiest to apply elegance resources. For the next few months, highs are resumed, like those of the 90s, but in a much more relaxed version. “This chignon is recreated keeping the high profile of the style, but opting for loose and romantic waves and details, with lots of airy texture.

Remains the bob

It already has a few months establishing itself as a very feminine and versatile option. While it may not outweigh a long, lush mane in versatility, the bob does offer a sophisticated look without the effort and maintenance that long hair does require. The expert proposes that in addition to the modern and elegant simplicity of the updos, we take into account the “lobs” as a trend, that is, a long bob, with a parting in the middle. “This is the perfect style to pair with any outfit or occasion and exudes a great, confident boss energy.”

It should be said that, according to Vogue magazine ‘s analysis of the most recent catwalks, radical changes in hair will be a constant for the coming months. From changing the tone from brown to red, to going from a mane to a pixie.

Pop makeup

Metallic pops and embellishments

Television and movies have always had a profound influence on fashion and makeup. trends are always influenced by show business and pop culture and will continue to happen. For autumn, the proposal that has been appearing due to the popularity of Euphoria is firmly established.

Hannah Metz says she likes to call this trend “Eye Jewelry” and finds them ideal for special occasions. “For fun special events, like a party or music festival, you can recreate this look by using adhesive gemstones on the inner and outer corners of the eyes, or through the crease for an embellished cut crease look. For everyday wear, you can soften this look with metallic shadows on the inner corner or center of the lid for an extra touch of shimmer.”

The siren smokey

The trend of “Foxy Eyes” is already on the way out, which was very controversial in its beginnings because it was suggested that it could be considered racist, from being on catwalks it became everyday giving way to other proposals. The perfect transition to make an impact again is the smokey siren eye. “This look continues to focus on lengthening the eye at both the inner and outer corners to create a dramatic, elongated look, while bringing the liner to the inner waterline to create a sexy, fiery look.”

This trend seeks to capture the mysterious and seductive essence of mermaids through makeup that lengthens the eye, outwards but also towards the tear duct. Towards the outside it is torn upwards and the eyebrows must be combed upwards.

Finally, by giving prominence to the eyes in a creative way, the lips remain in the range of nude tones, juicy and hydrated, giving the look the fresh and natural aspect that has been preserved throughout the last months.