This summer, many people will choose to stay home as much as possible to help minimize the spread of the coronavirus. Many public pools and parks will also be closed or have limited visitation policies, and families are making the decision not to go on vacation this year.

If you’re thinking about skipping vacations and staying close to home, think about save some of the money that you would have spent on your vacation and use it to create a “vacation at home”, complete with summer experiences like the ones above. Remember that even if there are no vacations this summer, this does not mean that there never will be. Think about opening a exclusive account to save for your vacation to save money for a future trip or carry out the savings challenge for 52 weeks as a simple way to have extra money for the summer of 2021.

Try one (or all!) of these at-home vacation ideas and create a special summer to remember with your family.

  1. Spend a day by the water. From inflatable pools and sprinklers to water-filled balloons and water guns, you can have endless fun with classic summer toys. And while no one is going to jump off the trampoline, everyone can get soaked and have fun at the same time.
  2. Plant a vegetable garden. A garden is something that will give your family something to do all summer long. Gardens teach about hard work, patience, the “magic” of growing, and the reward of delicious food on your table. Give children the opportunity to help during the process, such as choosing which plants to grow, watering, weeding, etc.
  3. Go to the drive-in. Find out if there is a drive-in theater near you in your area. This is an easy way to practice social distancing, have fun, and
  4. Create special summer memories. Some drive-ins also present concerts this summer. Depending on how far away the drive-in is, it could be a fun way to spend an afternoon or an evening drive.
  5. Create an outdoor obstacle course. Since the summer games have been postponed this year, host your own version in the garden. Use supplies you have around the house, such as ropes, sidewalk chalk, buckets, cones, etc. and design an obstacle course for your family to have fun.
    Go camping in the back garden. Enjoy camping in the convenience of your own backyard. If you don’t have camping gear, ask neighbors or friends to lend you the basics. Plan special “camp” meals like hot dogs and s’mores to make this occasion more than unique. Don’t forget to tell horror stories. This is a simple way for your family to get camping without having to travel.
  6. Take the waterfall tour. The United States is full of lakes, rivers, streams, and waterfalls. Take a day trip to discover and enjoy some water. This summer, our family is going to visit different waterfalls and rivers located two hours from our house. The simplest memories are always
  7. made outdoors. Remember to practice social distancing when viewing these beautiful wonders.
  8. Plan a movie marathon. Some of my family’s favorite memories are on the couch, under warm blankets, watching movies together. Host a movie marathon day or night and treat yourself to all the luxuries, from movie-style snacks (popcorn and candy, anyone?), a show, and more. They can even think of costumes to go along with the movie or theme!
  9. Prepare themed meals. Travel the world from your kitchen, planning and preparing themed meals. Organize the menu covering everything from a certain city, region or country that you love or would like to visit. Other ways to make food special: listen to music, play a game.
  10. Take on a craft project. While painting a room or building a bookshelf might not seem like a good option for the holidays, the idea of ​​spending time and energy on a project together can be a great opportunity to bond. Pick a project that has been on your to-do list for a long time and work on it together with your family. Everyone will be proud of the result because they completed it together.
    Have fun with garden games. Popular yard games like cornhole, horseshoes and croquet are a fun way to make memories and enjoy a day outdoors. Also, keep in mind that you can set up a net to play volleyball and badminton, or have fun jumping rope in pairs. Another simple way to burn off some energy and have fun as a family is to play tag games. For even more fun, try the nighttime chase games with glow-in-the-dark accessories.

Remember to have fun and make the most of your family vacation at home. Sometimes the best memories can be made in your backyard.

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