You don’t have to believe it anymore: The X-Files are back and these are the first details

You don’t have to believe it anymore: The X-Files are back and these are the first details

Who hasn’t said ‘I want to believe’ (‘I want to believe’) in reference to The X-Files? In the middle of 2023, the episodic format of this science fiction series may be very popular with us, but at the time, it was quite a revolution (nearly 30 million viewers per episode at its apogee). The series returned between 2016 and 2018 with a new batch of rather irregular episodes, but today’s news allows us to believe again in a future full of secrets to reveal: The X-file is back and these are the first details.

Ryan Coogler is working on the return of The X-Files

The project manager is none other than Ryan CooglerDirector of Black Panther there Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. The filmmaker is working on a new series, which adds to the animated fiction that was confirmed a long time ago in the same universe. As for the details? For the moment, It is unknown if it will be a sequel with the same main cast, a spin-off or a to restart.

Bloody disgusting makes sure that Chris Cartercreator of the original series, would also be involved in this return of X-files, but will be Ryan Coogler the most important part of this new stage: “I just spoke with a young man…Ryan Coogler, who will be returning to The X-Files with a diverse cast. So you have a lot of work to do, because we had already covered a lot of ground.“, assures Chris Carter in the aforementioned middle. Does this mean that Coogler will have creative freedom?

Probably this X-Files series will not recover the original characters

The approach ultimately taken will be very interesting, as it has already been demonstrated with the 2016 sequel that a return to the origins because the same characters is not synonymous with success. It might be worth meeting new FBI investigators who don’t remind us of much Fox Mulder there Dana Scullyto explore uncharted territory.

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