Why are we talking about a romance between Taylor Swift and Fernando Alonso?

Why are we talking about a romance between Taylor Swift and Fernando Alonso?

Taylor Swift became one of the gold singles of the season. After six years of relationship, the American has ended her relationship with British actor Joe Alwyn: news that left the artist’s followers speechless. Despite the fact that the singer kept this courtship very low-key—especially given the media coverage of her previous relationships—Joe had earned a place in the hearts of the swifties.

But not all breakups are bad. It seems that in Swift and Alwyn’s case, it was friendly and drama-free. This rupture is not the only one to monopolize the front page of the heart in recent days. Fernando Alonso and journalist Andrea Schlager also ended their relationship this spring. It was the Formula 1 driver himself who warned via his social networks with the following words: “We wanted to tell each other that our relationship as a couple was over. We had a fantastic time together and that will continue, but a different way.”

The crazy theory that unites Fernando Alonso and Taylor Swift

Although initially these two ruptures had nothing to do, this Monday, April 24, a funny theory began to circulate on social networks which unites the Spanish pilot to the American singer. And that many users have shared.

Everything would have to do with a number: 33. Thus, we could read in the famous Twitter thread: “Fernando Alonso has been single for a few days. Taylor Swift just became single, coincidentally, at 33. Everything is written.”

That figure is, oddly enough, the number Alonso is obsessed with right now. The reason? With his return to racing, he could claim his 33rd Formula 1 victory this season.

But the theory doesn’t stop there. Fernando Alonso took to TikTok to respond to all those people who theorize about this courtship. How did you do? Uploaded a video where he appears looking at the camera to the rhythm of one of Taylor Swift’s latest hits: Karma. Moreover, as if that were not enough, he wrote the following: Race week era. Come on, the bromance is served.

We will have to wait to see if the singer continues the game. Who knows, maybe they will end up really knowing each other.

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