John Wick 4 is about to become the most successful episode of the franchise. The tape continues with the story of the third chapter, Parabellum and puts the murderer played by Keanu Reeves between a rock and a hard place. With the world’s deadliest hitmen after him, he must find a way to confront their rulers to get his freedom. But When will John Wick 4 be streaming?

When will John Wick 4 hit streaming platforms?

  • Most likely John Wick 4 will air in fall 2023.
  • Because it’s a Lionsgate production movie, will premiere on Starz.
  • That said, the productions of this company have been slow to arrive on the platform.
  • Despite this, this is probably not the case, since John Wick 4 was a success.

In Spain there are different ways to access the Starz catalog. First, if we contract the service independently, we may use the Starzplay app, its website, or the app for Roku. On the other hand, we will also find their productions at these service providers: Prime Video channels, Apple TV channels, Izzi, Orange, Total Play, Virgin Media or Vodafone.

Synopsis of John Wick 4

In the fourth episode, everyone opts for John.

Legendary assassin John Wick returns to the charge driven by his thirst for revenge against those who attacked him. In his bloody mission, he must fight against the best hitmen in the world, who seek to kill him. to face them, John will have to push his skills to the limit and defeat all adversaries who stand between him and his freedom.

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