VIDEO: Michigan school bus drivers rescue kidnapped 2-year-old

VIDEO: Michigan school bus drivers rescue kidnapped 2-year-old

A 2-year-old is safe after a harrowing ordeal in Michigan, when his parents got out of their moving car to drop off another child at a bus stop.

It was then that a thief jumped into the car and drove away with the 2-year-old boy inside. Panicked parents flagged down the school bus driver, who spread the word about the baby’s disappearance.

The chosen one by destiny was Dave Skinner, a driver for Kelloggsville Public Schools in the Grand Rapids area, who was on duty last Tuesday when two parents waved to stop your drive.

“They yelled at me that someone stole their car with their baby in it.”, Skinner recounted. He said he quickly called 911 afterward and also alerted other drivers over the radio.

Your fellow bus driver, Sue Figueroa, was paying attention. She had noticed a small child on the side of a road and quickly turned her bus around.

“I just saw… a little baby around the corner standing with a blanket,” Figueroa said in surveillance video from her school bus.

Figueroa knew immediately that it was the same boy, who had probably been left on the side of the road by the car thief and wrapped in a blanket.

Minutes later, the boy and his parents were reunited after Figueroa brought the boy in.

Kelloggsville Public Schools Superintendent James Alston said: “Sue Figeroa, David Skinner and Kristin Nickeslon did a great job getting this 2-year-old boy back to his parents.

According to local media, Kentwood Police Department officers are still searching for the suspected car thiefalthough the vehicle has already been located.

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