An 8-year-old girl lived a real nightmare after being the victim of mistreatment and abuse by her family.

The case that has shocked the entire country was recorded in Vermont and has led to four people being arrested, two of them women, being arrested and now facing child neglect charges.

And it is that in addition to physically and psychologically mistreating the minor, the little girl was forced to eat cat fecesin addition to wearing a diaper and being on her knees at all times locked in a cage.

After a long time suffering this damage, everything could be discovered last September after an anonymous call in the sheriff’s office in Spartanburg County.

Ryan Dezotelle (28 years old), Tenika Draper (24), Ian Tatro (25 years old and father of the minor) and Trina Rae Draper (47) were the people identified as the girl’s aggressors.

“This is the best day of my life,” were the words of the girl after being rescued by the authorities, revealed a spokesman.

The little girl was taken to the hospital to be treated, evaluate her injuries and receive medical treatment, while two other minors who were rescued in the same place were taken to a protection center.

The girl’s father faces more than 10 charges including neglect of a minor and two counts of obstruction, for which bail was set at $90,000. The other two women face the same legal situation, so in the coming weeks the sentence they will receive will be known.

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