The Justice temporarily prohibited this Monday while a judicial dispute is resolved the majority of abortions in the state of Kentucky (USA), in the latest episode of a long battle in the courts since the Supreme Court of EU repealed abortion protection.

Judge Larry E. Thompson of the Court of Appeals granted the attorney general of the state, the Republican Daniel Cameron the emergency request to reinstate two laws that had been paralyzed by another magistrate and that de facto prohibit almost any abortion.

On July 22, the judge Mitch Perry decided that abortions could continue in the state while the trial lasted in which it will be decided whether the prohibition of this practice by the state authorities is legal.

Earlier, on June 30, Perry himself had already responded to the request of the two organizations with clinics in Louisville (Kentucky) that practiced voluntary interruptions, EMW Women’s Surgical Center y Planned Parenthoodand had suspended the ban temporarily.

Kentucky activated the abortion ban as soon as the Supreme Court’s decision to repeal the protection of this right in the United States was made public.

It was one of the nine states that already had a ban on abortion ready by the time the Supreme Court ruling came out, and which was therefore effective on June 24.

On June 27, another Louisiana judge suspended the abortion ban in this state and on June 28, a Texas judge did the same.

There are other litigations open in the country and promoted by organizations that defend women’s reproductive rights that try to prevent the total ban on abortion that many conservative states defend.

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