Two consecrated (Karol G and Shakira) and a rookie (Hilario) fight for copper to enter the list

Two consecrated (Karol G and Shakira) and a rookie (Hilario) fight for copper to enter the list

Music in Spanish monopolizes the contestants’ section this week with two established Latin artists and a national newbie. We will start talking about the first: Karol G and Shakira. It escapes no one that Latin urban music is living a golden age and that, precisely, that made in Colombia has a great global resonance. It’s no secret that female artists have been the most successful lately. If we cross these data, it turns out that we are before two of the greatest singers of the momentwho have come together to propose an impressive collaboration: TQG (It was too big for you).

The repercussions of the problem were not long in coming. Thanks to this song, Shakira has become the most listened to Latin woman currently on Spotify, in the top 10 of which she has also BZRP Musical Sessions, Vol. 53 (which was twice number one on the LOS40 list). Shortly after its premiere, the song reached number one worldwide on this platform. The video of THQ outmoded 100 million views the fourth day of being on YouTube (never before has a female duo got there so quickly). Moreover, the two can do a double in our chart, because Karol G also appears with Cairo. Will La Bichota and La Loba enter the list on Saturday? It will depend on the support they receive with the HT #MiVoto40.

And if they have already written important pages in the history of LOS40, the other candidate has not yet started with us. This is Hilario, a 24-year-old Sevillian (from Coria del Río), from a family of artists (his grandfather José Manuel Moya is one of the founders of the Sevillanas group Puebla pilgrimages, as well as a former Sevilla FC footballer; and his father Hilario is also a musician and composer), who from an early age was already composing his own songs. He just presented his first song, lagoons, which merges pop, electronic and urban sounds, and shares a manager with great artists such as Duki, Bizarrap, Nicki Nicole or Depol. Despite his young age, he has a very particular style, as revealed by this song whose clip was shot in Marbella. If you want him to have a chance on the roster, you have to support him with the HT #MiVoto40Hilario.

Good luck!

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