Trump Says Bitcoin May Be ‘Dangerous’ and Still Prefers the Dollar

Trump Says Bitcoin May Be ‘Dangerous’ and Still Prefers the Dollar

The former president also spoke about his new social network and about the initiative of his wife Melania.

This week, in an interview that the former president of the United States, Donald Trump, gave to Maria Bartiromo for the American channel Fox Business, he made clear once again his position regarding the virtual currency, Bitcoin, stating that for him, Despite the progress that this has made in the world, the dollar was still much better. In addition to this, he also took the opportunity to refer to the new company of his wife Melania and his social network Truth Social.

“ Well, I have never loved it because I like to have the dollar. I think the currency should be the dollar, so I’ve never been a big fan . But it is spilling more and more and nobody is doing anything about it ”, were the words of the former president when asked about his position on cryptocurrencies; In this response, Trump stressed that his confidence was in the dollar.

Next, Trump was in charge of warning about a possible future of this type of virtual currencies, “one day there could be an explosion, as we have never seen before,” stating that cryptocurrencies will have a large share that somehow affects the economy worldwide, a situation that the former president and businessman stressed as “very dangerous.”

” Look, I want a dollar coin is called. I don’t want to have all these other … It’ll make the big tech explosion look like baby stuff. I think it is something very dangerous, ” Trump said in the middle of the interview, emphasizing that he wanted the dollar and that he did not agree with cryptocurrencies, in addition to emphasizing that it would be a latent threat.

It should be noted that in June, the ex-president had spoken about it, stating that Bitcoin was a scam against the dollar, in addition to indicating that the competition of cryptocurrencies now with the dollar, would be one of the main reasons why it would not be there. according to its use.

Although the above was one of the most relevant topics of the interview, the meeting had begun with the ex-president’s perception of Melania Trump ‘s new company, Melania’s Vision, which is dedicated to the non-expendable token business (NFT, for its acronym in English), an initiative related to the sale of digital art.

“ He is doing very well. She has a lot of imagination and people love our former first lady, I can assure you. They really do, they love her.

Regarding his social network, Truth Social , the former president stated that he would have a bright future, “it will be so great,” he said, and when asked about the competition that this platform would be against other large ones that have already been consolidated for years In the world, Trump was emphatic that this was inevitable, “we have no choice,” was the response of the businessman, who would be clear that this would be the dynamics of the market.

Truth Social would be launching early next year and, it has been reported that this would have the objective of providing an alternative to society against the current platforms that according to Trump, would be biased and would have a problem with him.