Top 10 Netflix Short Series You Can Start and Finish in Hours (March 2023)

Top 10 Netflix Short Series You Can Start and Finish in Hours (March 2023)

Don’t waste any more time: you need less than 8 hours to watch each of these Netflix series

Time is running out and you need to watch a short series on Netflix that doesn’t take too many hours of your life.. In a world where soap operas like Pasión de Gavilanes or La reina del Flow are successful on the platform of streaming, there is also room for series that last less than 10 hours and that can be devoured in a day if you venture into a marathon. Which are the best and why?

Love, death and robots

  • Each season of Love, Death & Robots lasts 3 hoursbeing all independent chapters (and lasting 15 minutes).
  • Available here.

Three seasons made up of 15-minute independent short films, each with a different type of animation. Isn’t that what you are looking for when looking for a short series on Netflix? Its fourth season is already underway.

the innocent

One of the best Spanish miniseries of netflixis also one of the best short series on Netflix. The hand of Oriol Paulo is noticeable as the creator and director of its 8 chapters, one of the directors who best uses narrative to his advantage. It only lasts 8 hours!

The Innocent is a one-of-a-kind thriller


ryan murphy decided to dive into the golden age of Hollywood with a series that shows above all the more luxurious side of the industry, without dwelling too much on its many faults. Even so, Thanks to its performances and its technical section, Hollywood deserves that you invest 5 hours of your life in it.

Hollywood is a portrait of the film industry in its heyday.

This shit is beyond me

  • This shit is beyond me hard full less than Titanic, Avengers: Endgame or Avatar: The Sense of Water.
  • Available here.

This fantasy comedy created by Jonathan Entwistle sadly stayed with one season despite the fact that we all mourn and beg for its renewal. sydney is a teenage girl who goes to high school while dealing with the complexities of her age, her family, her burgeoning sexuality, and the mysterious superpowers that are beginning to awaken.

this shit is beyond me
This shit is beyond me deserved a second season on Netflix


Halston is a very interesting figure in the fashion world, and nobody better than ryan murphy to chronicle his rise and subsequent descent. The series tells in less than 5 hours how Halston turned its invented name into a global emporium synonymous with luxury, sex, status and fameforever marking the era in which he lived.

The Life of Halston, in a series starring Ewan McGregor and created by Ryan Murphy

russian doll

  • The two seasons of russian doll see themselves in less than 420 minutes (7 hours).
  • Available here.

netflix has canceled russian doll after two seasons, presumably for failing to win over audiences in its second batch of chapters. But only by the interpretation of Natasha LyonneIt’s already worth investing 7 hours of your life in this comedy-drama about time loops.

The end of the fucking world

we all cry when netflix canceled The end of fucking World after two seasons. Fortunately, the 6 hours that all this lasts dark comedy for teens allows us to enjoy its 16 complete chapters in less than a day. Nail twisted and effective story who quickly won the affection of the public.

End of the fucking world season 2
There will be no season 3 of The End of the F***ing World

after life

  • Do you have 3 hours? Enough to watch every season of after life.
  • Available here.

I believe that after life This is one of the best series to depict mental illness. And if you add to that that You only need 3 hours of your life to watch every season of After Lifebecomes a must-have short series on Netflix.

after life
After Life is one of the best short series on Netflix

Paquita Salas

Paquita Salas keep hoping that The Javis start filming their fourth season, if ever the miracle happens. In the meantime, if you’ve never seen this Spanish comedy starring Brays Efeyou only need to invest 2-3 hours of your life to watch each season.

The time that I give to you

If you’re really looking for a short series on Netflix, The Time I Give You It is the shortest of all those that abound in this list. Ten 12-13 minute episodes of duration featuring Nadia from Santiago there alvaro cervantes. A love story told in a very different way, with a one-of-a-kind narrative.

The time that I give to you
The time I give you only lasts 2 hours and 10 minutes

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