Tips for reading product labels

Tips for reading product labels

No energy value:

It is very important to talk about this type of product since the fact that it appears “calorie-free” does not mean that it is healthy. So no calories, no fat, no sugar, no nothing. Do you mean they are free? Well no, you have to read the ingredients:

  • Aspartame: It is directly related to atherosclerosis
  • Sweeteners: Directly affect the microbiota and the balance of bacteria
  • Dyes: They are carcinogenic
  • Flavourings: Chemicals to add flavor but count as an anti-nutrient as they affect the absorption of other real
  • nutrients
  • Sugar

A very common strategy in the industry is to divide sugar into different names, so instead of appearing as the first ingredient, it comes out perhaps in order four, six and seven, this deceives the consumer and confuses them since in the end the amount of sugar is brutal.

Another key point is to know the names of the ingredients, it is most likely that if we do not know what the ingredient is, it is artificial since if you do not know how to read it, it is very likely that your body does not know how to do it either.

It is important to mention that no matter how natural sugar such as honey, agave syrup, etc. The effect it produces on your body is the same, so it should be considered for what it is, sugar. All syrups are processed and all words ending in OSA are usually sugar.


Marketing and brand design have also made us believe that there are super healthy products, but when analyzed they turn out to be ultra-processed with very nice and reliable packaging. It is important to know that just because a product says “gluten-free,” “sugar-free,” “fat-free,” or “light” necessarily has to be a good option.

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