The group made up of 8 adults and 4 minors faced the inclement weather until they were sheltered, since the temperature in the upper area of the demarcation dropped to 1° C

A group made up of 12 people got lost during the night of December 26, in the town of Xalatlaco precisely on the Ajusco hill. Emergency teams spent more than 8 hours searching for the missing visitors.

According to the first reports, the walkers were left incommunicado, because there is no telephone signal in that area. There were eight adults and four minors who went for a walk through the snowy landscape of the hill; It was his relatives who reported him missing and alerted the authorities when they failed to contact anyone.

The disappeared would have started to explore the area during the afternoon, however, night caught up with them and it was then that they could not find their way back. Civil Protection personnel from the Tlalpan mayor’s office and the Heroic CDMX Fire Department deployed an intense search operation in the vicinity of Ajusco, however, it was not until one of the missing people managed to make a quick call and ask for help through their location. .

Once they were sheltered and treated by the corresponding medical services, a total of between 4 and 5 people resulted with foot injuries due to the walk with the low visibility they had.

It should be remembered that this demarcation remains on yellow alert due to the forecast of low temperatures of between 4 and 6 °C. And in the upper parts of the hill, the cold has been so severe that sleet has even been recorded in recent days. On the other hand, the authorities urged the population to take care of themselves to avoid risks.

“The temperature in the high zone is 1º. Refrain from visiting the area, as it represents a risk due to the wet road,” the Tlalpan Mayor’s Office asserted through its official Twitter account.

In the same way, due to the fall of aguanive in recent days, the General Directorate of Civil Protection of the Mayor’s Office, the National Guard and the SSC, installed a command post to safeguard the safety of the inhabitants.

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