This is the skincare brand that Victoria Beckham uses

This is the skincare brand that Victoria Beckham uses

Finding a cream or oil that really works and works wonders for your skin isn’t always easy, but when technology, years of research, and a good formula come together, an elixir appears that can give skin elasticity, fade fine lines, expression and make the body’s largest organ healthy, full of life and therefore look young for a long time. Yes, no matter how old you are, because the goal is to heal the skin and make it healthy regardless of your age.

Dr. Augustinus Bader developed a gel to treat skin with burn wounds by promoting cell regeneration, and realized that the before and after of his patients was a drastic change.

“This formula can turn burned skin into perfect skin, so I thought, it can definitely do something for wrinkles,” the Doctor told us. Aware of this, the also professor and expert in stem cell biology and regenerative medicine, partnered with Charles Rosier, who is now the CEO of the brand, to venture into the beauty industry through this line of products. experts in treating and reversing aging.

After several years, which involved finding an investment, to developing the final formula of the products, in March 2018 this luxury skincare firm saw the light with a prototype of a cream to attenuate the signs of aging. Its specific function? Reactivate communication between cells to regenerate and repair the skin.

All this thanks to the TFC8 complex developed by the expert, and which is found as the main asset of the products as it contains vitamins, amino acids and lipid structures that transport nutrients where there is greater cell damage.

“TFC8 technology is a complex in the formula that instead of adding chemicals, helps the skin follow its natural path, ensuring its regenerative process,” continued Augustinus Bader, who confessed that his homonymous brand bears this name with the idea that if someone googled it, they could see that it was a serious topic and that it was supported by technological advances and many studies. But of course, its success lies in the fact that it really improves the appearance of the skin.

The products do not have SPF because both Charles Rosier and Professor , are not in favor of chemical sunscreens and have not found one that is too “clean” to include it, in addition both assure that moderate sun exposure can be good and the Using the brand’s products will help reverse the damage caused by UV rays.

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