The electronic day is approaching! The Eurovision 2023 final will take place on May 13 and in Spain, Blanca Paloma is about to head to Liverpool with a genuine and authentic song, which has already won over Eurofans all over the world: Hey, yeaha lullaby that breathes flamenco and avant-garde in equal parts.

The woman from Elche is the artist who won the bronze microphone in the second edition of Benidorm Fest. He faced candidates as brilliant as nocturnal of Vicco; My family of shooting night oh i want to burnof Agonyamong many others.

The 18 participants left their skin on the stage of the municipality of Alicante, but, like any competition, unfortunately only one remained. However, No longer participating in Eurovision this year does not necessarily mean definitively excluding future participation – and if not, tell Blanca Paloma herself.

Nevertheless, the show must continueWhat would I say? Queen. And the various artists have taken advantage of the visibility and impact of a format as powerful as that of the Festival de la Chanson to give this impetus to their respective musical careers. What did you do after Benidorm Fest? We review it:


Aritz continued his solo career working on new music. After Flamenco, He published his second single last March: Mojito, which he presented during the PreParty organized in our country at the beginning of April.


It seems that little by little Agony leaves new clues about his next album, which will be the second in his discography after Freedom. “I’m working like never before to bring LOTS of GOOD music. I have a lot to say and I need to share it with you now,” he commented on social media.

shooting night

After passing through the Benidorm Fest, Fusa Nocta released the first single from his debut album. Is titled IS IT and follow the melodic line of My family. Based on urban rhythms and flamenco, the young woman from Gandía gives us power again with her music.


nocturnal It continues to be a true viral phenomenon. There’s no party or nightclub that hasn’t played this hit with a capital Vicco. However, after dancing to this hit all night, the Catalan presented a new single: I die for you.


Although Megara did not release new material, the group toured various festivals in our country. Barcelona, ​​Valencia, Seville… And even Aveiro, in Portugal! Kenzy, Robert, Pablo and Ra Taché don’t stop. Their latest milestone: opening for Japanese idol group BABYMETAL.

Sophie Martin

The one of German origin made us become Tuki to the rhythm of electronic pop. And after Support, Sofía Martín brought us Desire. And very soon he will offer us a new single. Is titled to break and he has already hinted the first verses on TikTok.


The trio formed by Jonathan, Javier and Lorenzo yes they made us dance to the rhythm of They won’t move us. And for this reason, they worked on new compositions, both their own and those of others. For their part, they launched Ferrerohis most daring song to date.


After having brought us his dragee like a breath of Area fresco at Benidorm Fest, Sharonne has continued to share her talent throughout our geography. On the one hand, the Carnival of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. And on the other hand, by programs like Ares Revolution of the Catalan channel 8TV. And pretty soon it seems like it’s coming Remix Area!

twin melody

Paula and Aitana told us Sayonara, but for a short time! Because that same month they released the remix with JC Moreno. And of course, Twin Melody continues to delight us with TikToks that get millions of views.


Famous combined his work in The Lion King with studio sessions. And the proof is the first of Chimerahis most recent song after The Lola.


Our “girlband made in Spain” not only gave a second life to their UFF! with a remix with STRANGEL0VE, but they brought a new overview of their discography: Cxnsura… and that’s all we could hope for: rough and sensual.

Rakky Ripper

One of the queens of hyperpop in our country has not only confirmed that Traction (his candidacy for Benidorm Fest) is the start of an era, but he also jumped off the pond with a small tour of the United States. And bring Dura, a new single, May 9!


The Catalan group presented I don’t miss you anymore (I don’t miss you anymore) end of March. And also, he was one of the local artists who took the stage of L’Escardívol at the LOS40 Primavera Pop held in Rubí on April 15.

Alfred Garcia

After since you are, Alfred García has released a new single: Heart. In addition to this, the singer participated in the tenth edition of Your face is familiar to me with Miriam Rodriguez, Ane Igartiburu, Jadel and Andrea Guasch, among others.

Jose Otero

5 years in London and 5 years in Mexico made José Otero want to return to Spain to be surprised… and to surprise us. Inviernos en Marte was, at Benidorm Fest, one of the many surprises he prepared. And it is that the canary has been working on new songs, which he will present in his next shows.

Alice Wonder

the author of I would like he bowled here and there. Tenerife, Malaga, Pontevedra, Madrid and Bilbao have already been able to enjoy his live voice, but there are still dates planned throughout this summer.


Karmento was a prophet in his country —Castilla-La Mancha— and beyond its borders to slip among the posters of some festivals in our country. At Toro, for example, but his castanets have also sounded in Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Zaragoza Bilbao, etc. And it is nominated for the MIN awards!

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