Another Magazine Wednesday is back! The covers of today’s gossip magazines are always warm and bring us all the latest news from our favorite celebrities.

here are the covers of today’s gossip magazinesWednesday, March 22:

the cover of Hey ! today

One of the country’s most famous magazines opens its latest issue with one of Spain’s most recognized artists: Isabelle Pantoja. The magazine tells, exclusively, how his interview with the singer went and gives news: she is the guest of the Baile de la Rosa.

It took many years of trying to keep a low profile, but finally Pantoja decided to speak up when commemorates 50 years of music. But she’s not the only cover star, there are also the “villains” that have been poured into Luis Miguel’s life.

magazine cover Week of this Wednesday

Week opens its cover with darker images, like the pain of Lara Dibildos at her mother’s funeral: “Have a good trip, mom.” But it’s not the only farewell of the week, we also had to part with the lady from the television, Laura Valenzuela.

Plus, they bring us fresh news about the fashionable young couple: Aitana and Sebastien Yatra! They are one of the stars most persecuted in recent weeks by the paparazzi and it seems that there are finally photos together in which their relationship is demonstrated.

magazine cover Conferences This week

At this stage, it is already impossible not to know Rafa Castaño, the winner of the biggest jackpot in the history of Password; but what do we know of his personal life? Conferences He tells us and reveals that there was someone on the sets of Antena 3 who stole his heart.

They also bring us images of Pablo Urdangarín’s new girlfriend and more details on Infanta Leonor’s military training. In addition to discovering the drama that Alonso Caparrós is living.

magazine cover Ten minutes today

The magazine also opens its latest issue with the death of journalist Laura Valenzuela and the drama of Lara Dibildos, but it also offers topical information, such as the new illusion of love by Mario Casas.

Although it is not so “new”, since it is his ex-girlfriend, actress Déborah François (The patient). But, as the saying goes, in spring the blood changes; and the Galician was not the only one to be seen with a smile of love. José Coronado is also attached to his girlfriend, whom he even took on the set of entrevia.

magazine cover Pronto of this Wednesday

Marie-Therese Campos He returns to the cover, even if he does not appear in the best of conditions. Pronto He details the daily life of the facilitator, without being able to tell or manage on her own.

Likewise, they tell us about unknown data in the life of Rafa Castaño and the 10 years as pope of Francisco, the most revolutionary.

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