From Dororo to Tokyo Ghoul; a review of various anime similar to Kimetsu no Yaiba through which to maintain the essence of Koyoharu Gotouge

Kimetsu no Yaiba” it is one of the great phenomena of recent years in the manga and anime industry, and although its conclusion was determined Because much earlier than we may wish (in manga), the imprint he left in the sector will last a long time. Therefore, in order that the absence of this work does not become so heavy, I decided to write an article with anime similar to “Kimetsu no Yaiba”.

So I leave you with a list that either by aesthetic, premise or similar aspects Somehow I determined that they could fit into the set of anime similar to “Kimetsu no Yaiba”:

Jujutsu Kaisen

It doesn’t take a complete anime connoisseur to understand why it makes sense to recommend “Jujutsu Kaisen” to someone who loves “Kimetsu no Yaiba”: both anime have a dark twist to their battles, derived from their characters having to deal with demonic entities (curses in JJK’s case). Likewise, each of his fighters has a particular style/technique that easily separates him from other characters.

Where can we find them now? a number of differences between said animes is, for example, in the historical context. While “Kimetsu no Yaiba” is feudal in nature, in “Jujutsu Kaisen” the story is contemporary. Also, Tanjiro and Itadori have quite different backstories, but that doesn’t stop them from finding each other. add allies to fight a common evil.


Dororo“It’s an anime that, for obvious reasons, can be included in this anime list similar to ‘Kimetsu no Yaiba’. Not only does it have a slowly evolving narrative, dealing with the human condition and all kinds of heartbreaking stories, but also at the center of its action is a common point with the work of Koyoharu Gotouge: the demons.

At its most basic idea, “Dororo” tells the story of a young man with no real limbs and senses who must slay the demons involved to get back what belonged to his body. A journey full of menacing creatures that will recall the darkness of “Kimetsu no Yaiba”.

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

“Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood” may not have demons as such, but we will also meet enemies beyond the human which perfectly allow to situate it in terms of animes similar to “Kimetsu no Yaiba”. However, it’s not the action or the setting that makes the anime earn this inclusion, rather the strongest motive lies in the story of Edward Elric with his brother Alphonse.

Similar to how Nezuko is turned into a demon, during a failed alchemy process, Alphonse ends up trapped in medieval-style armor.. In this way, both anime closely follow the story of two brothers who will be caught up in a full-scale conflict.

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood is one of the most legendary anime of all time


Again, just like in ‘Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood’, we don’t find demons per se, but we find ‘Hollow‘, entities whose evil easily rivals that of Gotouge-san’s demons. On the other hand, what makes “Bleach” particularly interesting within this group of animes similar to “Kimetsu no Yaiba”, is that, if we manage to put aside its dozens and dozens of filler chapters, we can finding a main villain who, in a manner similar to Muzan, seems to guide its protagonist (Ichigo Kurosaki) down a path that is least convenient for him.

More negatively, “Bleach” belongs to that golden era when the most famous anime received dozens, dozens and dozens of filler episodesbut if one manages to “ignore” this small detail, one will find here one of the most appreciated works of all shonen.

Bleach is one of the most transcendent works in the entire history of shonen anime.

tokyo ghoul

The ghouls in “Tokyo Ghoul” bear enough similarities to demons for Kaneki’s story to be memorable in an anime similar to “Kimetsu no Yaiba”. While it is true that in this case the protagonists and the paths they follow are very different, it is no less true that both are involved in a dark and unforgiving story despite having a quiet life at the start.

Of course, one of the big drawbacks of “Tokyo Ghoul” is that, for many (server included) the anime ended up ruining what in the manga is such a spectacular story as its art section (basically, the anime ends up deviating wildly from the original story). Therefore, in this case, the manga is really more recommended than the anime as such.

Shingeki no Kyojin

At a quick glance, one might be a bit surprised to compare “Shingeki no Kyojin” to “Kimetsu no Yaiba”, but there are reasons. For starters, that both anime feature an organization made up of “soldiers” of various ranks whose objective is to put an end to a supernatural threat. Ok, a titan doesn’t look too much like a demon, but it’s still an extremely dangerous entity of a race other than human.

On another side, tanjiro and eren have a fairly similar movement principle: they watch touched by a family drama that propels them on a path that they would not have followed if their life had gone on normally. Also, the same way Eren has Mikasa and Armin, good ol’ Tanjiro has someone to lean on with Zenitsu and Inosuke.

Sirius the Jaeger

In “Sirius the Jaeger“We deviate a bit more in terms of context and characters to lean into the subject of organizations, good and evil. In this way, making it a recommendable anime within what we consider similar anime to “Kimetsu no Yaiba” is the fact that Yuliy, its protagonist, belongs to an order called ‘Jaegers’ which has only one goal: to defeat the Vampireswho intend to seize an ancient relic which, if possessed by one side or the other, will (supposedly) tip the balance of the fight.

In summary: vampires and a fight for the survival of humanity perhaps reminiscent of that exercised by the Demon Extermination Squad.

blue exorcist

In “blue exorcist“we return to demons background which made us elaborate this article of animes similar to “Kimetsu no Yaiba”. However, here the context for the demons will be given in a much more direct way, since the brethren Okumura (especially Rin, its protagonist) are neither more nor less than the son of satan.

Despite this, they will share the same goal as Tanjirou Kamado: to end the existence of demons and all the misdeeds they plan. For this we will also have the presence of an organization composed of exorcists who will be responsible for leading the charge against the demons. Without a doubt, an interesting anime through which to continue exploring the context of demons.

blue exorcist
Blue Exorcist is a curious exploration of the world of demons

my hero academia

Yeah, I get that the worlds of superheroes and demons don’t have much to do with each other, but obviously the comparison doesn’t go that way. The reason why you might like “My Hero Academia” if you are a fan of “Kimetsu no Yaiba” you will find it in its protagonists, who not only share a similar personality but also quite a similar journey as to what they have to go through.

Tanjiro and Deku are two protagonists who, above all, GET BAD BLOOD. They want people to be safe and there to be no suffering, and for this they start a training in which they go from absolutely nothing to becoming their own reference. Two teenagers united by the desire to find peace, to purge the evil and to be able to regain their lives..

My Hero Academia, a superhero anime you should try


In “Inuyasha“We find a whole classic of the anime universe, which came to us from the hand of the unrepeatable Rumiko Takahashi. Why do I think “Inuyasha” should be on the list of anime similar to “Kimetsu no Yaiba”? Mainly because both thrive in a feudal world in which demons are quite actively presentalthough the truth is that in the case of “Inuyasha”, his presence occurs in a much larger volume than in “Kimetsu no Yaiba”.

In fact, such is the case that we will find hundreds of different episodes in which the main objective will be defeat demons who possess fragments of a sphere capable of completely transforming a living being.

black clover

black clover” is probably the most “mainstream” anime of all those included in this list, and of course it we’ll have to wait a few dozen episodes until it starts to show some elements to situate it as one of the anime similar to “Kimetsu no Yaiba”.

However, coming to the point in question, we will find one of the premises of Gotouge-san’s work: an organization that will have to face the threat that demons pose to humanity. For this, in addition, and similar to “Bleach” also, we will have several outstanding members (captains) who will occupy a role similar to that of the Pillars of “Kimetsu no Yaiba”.

black clover
Black Clover also explores demons after a certain point in the story.

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