These 4 SkyShowtime series are unprecedented in Spain and promise to be a hit from now on

These 4 SkyShowtime series are unprecedented in Spain and promise to be a hit from now on

SkyShowtime’s promise is to become the most complete alternative to Netflix, HBO Max, Prime Video and HBO Max on the market. And its launch in Spain on February 28, 2023 offered us series that had not officially arrived to date. Beyond other projects like bosewhich will arrive on March 3, I present to you the 4 series that will succeed in Spain thanks to SkyShowtime.

yellow stone universe

Yellowstone It is one of the most successful American series of recent times, but in Spain it was almost impossible to see it. Luckily he arrived SkyShowtime and gave us The 5 seasons of Yellowstone and its first two spin off: 1923 there 1983. A universe western which surprises by its distribution: Kevin Costner in the main series, Harrison Ford there Helen Mirren In 1923 there Sam Elliot In 1883. In addition, violence, love and its spectacular landscapes will prevent you from removing the retina from the screen.

king of tulsa

Taylor Sheridancreator of Yellowstone and all its related series, it is also king of tulsa, another series featuring a Hollywood star. In this case it is Sylvester Stallone Who’s playing a gangster from new york who gets out of prison, decides to move to Tulsa, a small town in Oklahoma.


What about Halo! Finally officially arrives in Spain (beyond its Blu-Ray edition) one of the most anticipated video game adaptations recent years. And it does with its entire first season, being the biggest blockbuster in Paramount+ until. However, in Spain it will be seen through SkyShowtime, since it will be the streaming platform that will bring the content of its American version. Oh, and Halo’s second season is already underway.

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds

Although currently all series of star trek In SkyShowtime (yes most movies, including the classics), Star Trek: Strange New Worlds it’s a very pleasant surprise. A spin off of Star Trek: Discovery who has Pike in front of the ASU Enterpriseexploring worlds and galaxies ten years before the events we know about in Discovery.

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