There’s already a first couple in Survivors 2023 (and their identities won’t surprise you)

There’s already a first couple in Survivors 2023 (and their identities won’t surprise you)

Survivors: Honduras Connection left us with an unsurprising reveal: the first couple in the edition are confirmed, and their identities are what you’d expect if you watched Survivors 2023 from the first gala. He confirmed it himself Ion Aramendi with a sentence that made it pretty clear: “It seems that it is already official and there is even the proof in the form of video“.

Katerina Safarova and Manuel Cortés, first official couple of Survivors 2023

It was obvious from day one that there was a flirtation between Katerina Safarova (the supposed ex ‘friend’ of Neymar Jr..) y Manuel Cortes (son of raquel bun). As the days and weeks pass, it seems that their relationship is getting stronger, because Honduran connection showed a brief preview with images of the last few days in which the couple are seen more in love than ever.

The image that would confirm the relationship between Katerina Safarova and Manuel Cortés in Survivors 2023

Although the full video will not be seen until the Survivor Gala 2023 next Thursday, March 23, we saw Katherine Already Manual sleeping “spoon“, as the presenter told. The chemistry between the two is more than evident, and it is only a matter of time before they confirm their relationship themselves.

It is true that Katherine there Manual started together in Survivors 2023but the model betrayed the nominations for soul breadsister of Manual, something that separated them for a few days. However, this little dispute seems to have been forgotten and we would already have the first official couple of the edition.

If you want to know more about this budding relationship, Survivors 2023 broadcasts its Gala 4 next Thursday, March 23 at 10:00 p.m.. Before, on Tuesday, March 21, it airs at the same time Survivors 2023: last minute.

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