The woman who lost her dog and found it years later by adopting another pet

The woman who lost her dog and found it years later by adopting another pet

A young woman never thought of being reunited with her puppy that she had lost two years ago when she lived in Allentown, Pennsylvania (USA). However, due to fate, a photo of his lost pet on a list of adoptable dogs allowed the two to get back together in the middle of a movie story.

According to information released by CNN affiliate WFMZ, it is about Aisha Nieves and her pitbull and rottweiler mix puppy “Kovu”, whom she had lost in June 2019 when he was captured as if he were a stray dog.

“It was my baby. He went with me everywhere. I slept in my bed … literally the definition of man’s best friend”, Nieves described for the aforementioned medium.

Kovu is known to have been captured after a car crashed into Aisha Nieves’ fence, causing a hole through which the dog escaped.

Following this, Kovu was taken to the Lehigh County Humane Society (LCHS), which renamed him “Ash.”

Within four months, Kovu received medical treatment for fleas and inflammation until he was ready to be adopted, Julie Huber, manager of LCHS, told CNN.

Search for Nieves

For his part, Nieves desperately searched for his dog and when he went to the organization, it was too late. Kovu had found a home with another family.

However, after almost two years, the family that adopted the dog faced an eviction caused by the coronavirus pandemic and was forced to return Kovu to the organization.

In that sense, the puppy’s face reappeared on the organization’s website in search of a new home. Fortunately, Nieves at that time was also looking for a new pet.

It was a small scar over Kovu’s right eye that allowed him to be identified. For her part, Nieves was sure it was her baby and immediately called.

“After presenting proof of ownership to the LCHS, the woman came to visit the dog and it was clear to everyone that when they got together, Ash was, in fact, Kovu, her beloved pet from years ago.”said manager Huber.


Nieves acknowledged that she was concerned that her best friend would no longer remember her after years apart. On June 18, the day they met, they both looked into each other’s eyes and the animal started wagging its tail.

“As soon as he got closer, he started crying and screaming and screaming and jumping on me kissing me … I love him so much. I’m so happy he’s back, ”Nieves said.

“The way Kovu reacted and reminded [su] The owner when he saw her made the reunion even more memorable. It was a moment that gave you all those loving chills”Huber commented.

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