The United States is experiencing severe drug shortages

The United States is experiencing severe drug shortages

Antibiotics, medicines for fever, for asthmatics and for use in hospitals. The United States is experiencing a shortage of nearly 300 drugs, according to a Federal Senate report.

Hospitals in our region are faced with this reality and are always looking for alternatives.

Dr. Margarita Díaz García of the HCA Kendall Hospital Pharmacy says, “All the hospitals in the community have had these issues. Lately we have seen that we have to work harder”.

And the same goes for large pharmaceutical chains and community pharmacies.

Dr. Yasmin Camaliche, of Camaliche Pharmacy, says:

“Too much shortage, for patients to be able to get drugs, for example albuterol, but also ibuprofen for children.”

FDA data confirms that drug shortages in the United States have increased by 30% in recent years. We are experiencing a shortage of 295 medicines ranging from capsules, tablets, inhalers to medicines for hospital use.

On the list there are drugs for daily use, there are Tylenol, Adderall, Tamiflu, antibiotics.

Doctors and pharmacists recommend not to hoard medicines.

“It is very important that the community does not start hoarding medicines or using them unnecessarily, and that they are responsible for it,” says García.

The current shortages are due to supply chain problems in countries like India and China, as well as other problems, including financial ones, faced by domestic companies.

Faced with this situation, local pharmacies work with multiple service providers.

“If the primary provider doesn’t have the medicine and won’t offer it, deal with the secondary, and if not, the tertiary. This is how we work to meet the needs of our patients.

Meanwhile, hospitals like the Kendall HCA are working to get ahead of shortages by “researching alternatives and considering when these products will come back on the market.”

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