This Tuesday, the Public Prosecutor’s Office denounced the FCBarcelona For persistence of corruption in business which includes sports fraud.

With this, another dimension is reached in the “Negreira affair” and in a historic scandal that is shaking Spanish football, calling into question the honesty of the referees.

In ‘El Chiringuito’, José Maria de Pablo, a criminal lawyer, analyzed the penalties and the possible consequences of this trial for Barça if he is finally convicted.

“The prosecutor’s complaint speaks of an offense of sports corruption, which has been an offense provided for by the criminal code since 2010. In principle, he incurs penalties of MOREwhich is the basic sentence for this crime”, began the also professor at the University of Navarre.

“However, there are a series of sanctions that should not be applied, which will depend on the seriousness of the facts and the seriousness that the judge and the prosecution understand that the facts have had,” he explained.

“There are penalties that can come from suspension of activities for up to 5 years or even dissolution“, he added.

Of course, he does not believe that this point has been reached: “I do not believe that this sanction will intervene in the event of conviction since it should be a question of events of extreme gravity. Of course, as a civil liability, the return of certain titles”.

“During the years studied, there are three leagues that FC Barcelona wins and Atlético de Madrid are runners-up, so the question could be asked. return of the titles to Atleti“, installed.

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