Simon Porte Jacquemus is the creator of this 8-meter flowery train that Bad Bunny wore at the Met Gala

And Florence Poug drew all eyes to 2023 Met Gala, Bad Bunny It was no less, as the Puerto Rican singer and actor attended the most important high society event of the year with a spectacular 8-meter-long floral tail that sparked all kinds of comments. He lookas surprising as unique, consisted of this stole of flowers that would match the white suit with a backless blazer. And of course, now everyone is interested in knowing who the designer was and what was his inspiration.

The video of the 8 meter floral tail that Bad Bunny wore at the Met Gala 2023

Behind this immaculate costume hides Simon PorteJacquemus, and the first thing I can say about his work is that the 8 meter tail flowers that you can see in the video that you have under these lines make a lot of sense. There Met Gala 2023 was a party in honor of the exhibition Karl Lagerfeld: a beauty line, author who often uses flowers and other similar motifs in his creations. In this way, Bad Bunny’s costume designer wanted to pay homage to the figure of Lagerfeld.

Another reason why Simon PorteJacquemus decided that bad bunny devastated in the Met Gala 2023 is that it is the first time that he attends the event as a designer. Therefore, he had to go with his best work to date, which would not leave anyone indifferent.

And what does he himself say? jacquemus of bad bunny and his spectacular costume? “Bad Bunny is my favorite artist, it’s a dream to dress him for my first Met Gala (…). I was inspired a lot by him, he is my definitive muse“. A teamwork that will surely help the creator to return in 2024 with a new creation.

Bad Bunny’s facet as an actor

Yes, Bad Bunny was part of the cast of Bullet Train

In 2022, we discovered that bad bunny he could also be an actor thanks to his small role in High-speed trainthe last movie of David Leitch. But in 2023 we will see it again in Cassandraa feature film in which he will share the screen with Gael Garcia Bernal there Raul Castillo. Now all eyes are on The deadthe news of sony there Spider Manwhich will be released in theaters in 2024 from the hand of Jonas Cuaron (son of Alphonse Cuaron).

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