Sources from a leak portal assured that the renewed version of PlayStation 5 is already on the way and will arrive in 2024

It’s been two and a half years since the PS5 went on sale and it looks like it’s NOW that console stock has finally normalized. Yes, it was expensive sony that of keeping the stock of this machine stable despite the considerable number of people who were looking for it and had no means of obtaining it.

Considering all this, it would be impossible to imagine that sony You would already be thinking of buying a new console, right? Well, that’s something that hasn’t been confirmed yet, but sources have surfaced saying the PS5 Pro is already on the way.

In January, There was already talk that the PS6 could come out without a PS5 Pro coming out, something that would be surprising given the amount of PS4 Pros sold. Now reports have revealed that This version is under development. I tell you everything we know (yes, completely unofficially, so it’s not something 100% sure) about the PS5 Pro below.

The PS5 Pro would arrive in 2024

were the boys Insider Game, famous for having successfully leaked a lot of information about the video game world in the past, which ensures that have received information from their sources on the PS5 Pro:

  • They assure that is already in development
  • And that, as if that were not enough, sony it has as its objective launch it at the end of 2024
  • Unfortunately, They didn’t give any further details on the hardware itself. What they said is that this model It won’t be the one we talked about a long time ago
  • Turns out months ago there were lots of rumors that they would launch a new PS5 with the removable disk drive, but the PS5 Pro won’t be that model

What would you think if they launched a new console at the end of 2024? As I said, it’s still just a rumor, so it’s better to wait sony confirm something that, if true, it would be in a while.

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