My God, the one Georgina Rodríguez missed! The model and her team are true marketing geniuses. Especially when they partner with a platform as big as Netflix. The Cristiano Ronaldo couple created the second season of their reality show last March: I am Georgina.

In addition to the amount of great moments she gave us during this new episode of Chapters, from her first time at the Latin Grammys to her move to Dubai, Georgina has created quite a community thanks to the banner ad she has set up to promote the new season in the middle of the Grande Via Madrid. The reason for so much madness? 200 exclusive bags for a group of privileged men and women would come out of this web. Some might get it via a hashtag: “Give me a Georgina bag.”

Well, the bags have already arrived at their recipients: each of them representing a unique piece and with colors impossible to reproduce. Come on, a unique piece that only a lucky few have in their hands. But, of course, you already know that these types of bags, so exclusive with unique circulation, are upgraded as soon as they come out. And users know it!

How much can Georgina’s bags cost?

Just go to Vinted to see that the first bags of Georgina are already sold by those who received one. And what prices!

While the cheapest that appears is 2,000 euros, the most expensive are 9,000. Several months’ payrolls of more than one person! And it is that these models are more expensive than some Chanel bags. A real madness!

The ‘I’m Georgina’ bags on Vinted / Vinted

Without a doubt, these prices may seem exorbitant, but keep in mind that there are only 200 exclusive pieces of this model. Will they release new models for the third season?

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