The first episode of the third season of The Mandalorian left me with a very good feeling thanks to its fast-paced plot. This introduction raises several goals for the protagonists while reopening the galaxy with promises of new adventures. Well, this second episode satisfies all these proposals and shows us new information about the past of Din Djarin and his people. Below you can read my opinion on this powerful chapter:

The Mandalorian: Homecoming

After two seasons talking about the past of the Mandalorians and their origins, this episode finally takes us to Mandalore. The inhospitable planet that was the cradle of the creation of the warrior people is also one of the centerpieces of their culture. That’s to say, their inhospitable lands imbued the foundations of their credo and members of the tribe of Since they have a fascination with space rock.

  • After making the necessary preparations, Mando and Grogu embark on their journey to the homeland of bounty hunters..
  • The planet is a new demonstration of the know-how of the production team of The Mandalorian.
  • In addition to being very pretty, what surprised me the most was how sums up everything we heard about him.
  • From its desolate wastelands to the immense broken glass that surrounds the mines and even native wildlife reflects the effects of the Purge.
The ruins of Mandalore evoke a great civilization.

Thanks to this return we see a much less confident Din, a facet of the character that doesn’t appear very often. The interesting thing is to discover where the fervor and dedication that the protagonist has towards his belief and his culture comes from. After all, Mando has repeatedly broken the rulesbut he still seeks redemption and wants to return to the “Camino”.

The dynamic between Grogu and Din

After two seasons where the relationship between Din and Grogu has always been that of father and sonIt seems that we are at the beginning of a change. I’m not going to talk about the specific times we see this variation to avoid spoilers, but it’s one of the best parts of the episode. What I will say is that it makes sense that the little one is starting to be more independent after spending time under Luke’s tutelage and I’m glad they reflect that in this season.

Din has always ensured the safety of the little one.
  • i really want to see How far do Grogu’s abilities go? in the strengthsince they showed us that he takes the hit.
  • Beyond that, I’m also intrigued that we can hear him speak soon.
  • In that sense, what worries me the most about young Yoda’s growth is the need to modify the puppet.
  • Replacing it with a CGI-built model might seem weird, but continuing to move it like a doll doesn’t seem optimal either.

The Mandalorians and Bo-Katan’s Past

  • Another of the most interesting aspects of the episode is the evolution of the relationship between Din and Bo-Katan.
  • Although they started out as allies, the new season brought them face to face.
  • These two are Mandalorians, but they don’t follow the same moral code.
  • Their beliefs about Mandalore culture and the past constantly clash, but It seems they are finding common ground..
kiss katan
It looks like Bo-Katan will have a very important role in this season.

I love to see how their conversations reveal many hidden details about the downfall of their civilization. Also, thanks to Bo Katan we can discover how the Purge was experienced in Mandalorebecause Since It comes from a nearby moon. Finally, it is curious to see that she does not know the whole truth either and that some mysteries remain that even the Mandalorian royal family could not solve.

The surviving flora and fauna

Once again I’m speechless before the variety of interesting creatures that inhabited the abandoned tunnels mines of Mandalore. Without saying too much, I was very pleasantly surprised at how well they capture this post-apocalyptic aesthetic, reminiscent of the atmosphere of Fallout-style games. The staging of these beings is brilliant, as always, and the mix of makeup, costumes and CGI works perfectly.

In conclusion, this episode started to feel very basic and transient to me, but its twists manage to create a very interesting experience and intense. If I liked the first episode, this one came very close to surpassing it. The only aspect that It doesn’t seem optimal to me, it’s the beginning of the chapterwhich is reminiscent of sequences that we have already seen in previous seasons and it’s a bit tedious.

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