You can still see the horror in Emilian Cristea’s eyes as he describes what it’s like to be at the wrong time and in the wrong place.

This nephrologist says he was driving home when, by fate, his car pulled up behind Matthew Geimer Jr.

“Within seconds, the 22-year-old who, after leading a three-county police chase, was pointing a gun at her through the window and asking her to get out,” Cristea said.

The specialist doctor says that he was very scared and that in the blink of an eye, he was already without his white Tesla, witness, from the outside, of the overwhelming scene.

He also recounts that the first thing he did was call his wife through his watch.

Meanwhile, from her home, she saw from the vehicle app that her husband, Emilian, was stopped in the middle of a road, with several doors open, nothing made sense.

The woman assures that the only thing she heard were the police sirens and at that moment she realized something was wrong.

The suspect, after backing up and failing to escape in the Tesla, ended up at the home of Gisela Taveras. “He went over there without telling me, to the kitchen.”

Matthew and his companion Edward Foster, since that day, have been behind bars.

Those who lived closely that Wednesday afternoon are grateful that nothing happened to them.

Daniela Cristea, the wife of the nephrologist, today feels happy to have her husband alive and to be able to share with her daughter, while he assures us that he is a very lucky man.

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