The Last of Us: Part One is broken in computer, but it’s not as broken as it was when it was released just a few days ago. And that’s it, The naughty dog works like crazy to give users the experience they deserve. Some users who have put the cry to heaven with this bad birth port that already has more 8000 negative reviews on the platform of Valve.

The port you made iron galaxy studios It’s completely unfortunate but it seems that soon we will have what we deserve, a wonderful game that marked an era and gave us some of the best adventures in the world of video games. As I said, work is being done at full speed to solve the problems and today the second patch of the game has arrived V1.0.1.6.

What improvements does the second patch of The Last of Us: Part I bring to PC

  • The game’s first patch was the V1.0.1.5 of the one you have all the details here
  • We now have the new patch available, with nearly 300MB V1.0.1.6 with the following improvements:
  • Decreased PSO cache size to reduce crashes memory requirements there minimize blockages for lack of memory
  • Added additional diagnostics for developer tracking purposes
  • Mayor transmission memory animation to improve performance during gameplay and cutscenes
  • Fixed crash on startup linked to game save files

To be honest with you, the bad taste in my mouth that I had when I first tried the game is gradually changing. For now, it’s quite playable in both computer as in steam bridge although there is still a long way to go to fix the serious launch error. For now, we will continue to wait.

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