The association’s former president, of the Marquis Villas II condominium, located at 6762 NW 182nd Street, was arrested.

This is Gerald Deangelo, who took over as head of the condominium board in 2004.

According to investigators, 15 years later, in 2019, he was fired after discovering something was wrong.

Then the questions started. And to find the answers, detectives began to examine bank statements which yielded the following results:

Between April 2, 2018 and April 8, 2019, Deangelo, 56, made numerous withdrawals from the association’s account totaling $18,940.

To justify these withdrawals, the former chairman of the board presented purchase receipts, utility bills and contracted works. But they were all wrong.

Meanwhile, in the condominium of 9 apartment buildings of 44 units each, painting, lighting, signs, pest control, among other mandatory maintenance services were on hold.

Telemundo51 reported this month on the new bill to protect landlords and prevent more cases of fraud like this and the recent one that happened at Hamocks.

Most concerning in the case of Marquis Villas II is that the owners’ monthly payment to the association is $200 per unit, which equates to over $105,000 per year. Deangelo spent 15 years as president of the association and when he was removed from office, according to the investigation, the accounts were practically nil.

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