The Forbidden Mystery of Ron Kamonohashi: When will the new anime from the author of Reborn!

The Forbidden Mystery of Ron Kamonohashi: When will the new anime from the author of Reborn!

Ron Kamonohashi’s Forbidden Mystery is one of the best-received mystery manga of the genre in Japan in recent years, and in a few months it will make the leap to television.

The Forbidden Mystery by Ron Kamonohashi” It’s been one of the highlights of mystery manga reading for a while now, and it’s led us until finally it was confirmed that he was going to have his own anime. Indeed, Akira Amano returns, who created the hit “Reborn!” at the time, to leave us with a work that, without as many overtones as typical shonen great exponents, has already carved out a proper name for itself like few others. Having said that, It’s time to find out when the anime will be released today.

‘The Forbidden Mystery of Ron Kamonohashi’ Anime Will Premiere in 2023

Basically, what you should keep in mind regarding the latest anime report is as follows (via WSJ_Manga):

  • It has been confirmed that the anime of The Forbidden Mystery of Ron Kamonohashi It will be released on a date to be determined in October 2023..
  • It’s important to note that the anime’s debut is considered a ‘season 1′, which would reveal plans to make even more content of the franchise.
  • There are currently up to 10 manga volumes available regarding The Forbidden Mystery of Ron Kamonohashi., so there should be enough material to play with two relatively upcoming anime seasons.
  • As for who will play protagonist Ron Kamonohashi in his own anime, that role finally ended in Youhei Azakami. He’s not one of the best-known voice actors, but he might sound familiar to you to play. Guel Jeturk Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch of Mercury or even Tetchou Suehiro in Bungo Stray Dogs.
  • Finally I will remember that the anime was entrusted to diomedeuswhat may look like Parallel World Pharmacy y The magic power of the Saint is omnipotent (animes that, personally, I haven’t seen).
I must say that diomedeus It’s not something that excites me too much, but on the contrary I think “The Forbidden Mystery of Ron Kamonohashi It has some potential as a franchise. In the end, you already have the sign of being from the author of “Reborn!”, which will always help more than one to take a look at it first, but it’s just that if it also works more than enough, it can be placed in a position that few animes offer the approach to the mysteries it will come to pose.

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