The devil is part time!!” he was An anime that I liked a lot at the time. However, it took 9 years to be able to enjoy a second part of his story. Unfortunately, this did not meet expectations of many of his supporters and supporters. And it is that there were several, including my compi Christianthe that they complained that it didn’t look good at all.

Today it was announced the anime return of “The Devil is a Part-Timer!!”. We’ll see if this third batch brings the anime back to excellence, or if it continues the newer line and is tagged as a regular again. Then I leave you all the information we have, according to collected AIR. To start strong Here I leave you a trailer of the new episodes.

The Devil is a Part-Timer T2 Release Date and Details!!

Here is the information we just learned:

  • There T2 of “The Devil is Part-Time!!” will be out next month July.
  • I remember that you have his trailer on these lines.
  • This means that this series will be one of those that make up the poster of the anime summer season 2023.
  • The study in charge of new chapters will continue to be Studio 3Hz.
  • The return of this anime will also bring us a new character: Acieth Allawho will speak Madoka Asahina.
  • One point that is important to note is that I see a lot of confusion in Twitter What season is it? Personally, as happens to many, I thought the last time we saw the anime was season 2 and now it’s season 3. However, the official announcement talks about season 2, so I’m picking it up that way.
  • As AIR also collects, the (messy) order of the seasons is as follows:
    • The devil is part-time! 1⃣
    • The devil is part time!! 2⃣
    • The devil is part time!! 2nd season 3⃣
Acieth Alla joins this crazy anime

And here is the information on the regreso de “The devil is part-time !!”. What do you think of this comeback? Are you one of those who would have preferred the series not to return for its most recent shadows? Or are you satisfied with the new season? I read you in the comments!

Other announcements from AnimeJapan 2023

This weekend they take place big announcements in anime world for the celebration of this event. The most important are:

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