The new video clip of Jonas Brothers, waffle restaurant, has become a topic of debate for all his followers. A surprising audiovisual proposal with which the group showed a profile that is not usual for them and that makes their whole fandom analyzed frame by frame.

Logical thing if we take into account that the clip is full of choreography, surprising details and even a great moment that no one is able to explain. And see we thought about what’s going on at minute 01:05 of the video.

Many comments both on social networks and on the official Jonas Brothers channel on YouTube follow this line and it is summed up in the sentence of a user who put into words what we think: “Can Kevin walk on air? »

We imagined that these guys had something special to make us enjoy their songs like that, but what we didn’t suspect was that they had superpowers and ended up showing them off in a music video. In front of a car you can see how he walks almost half a meter high. Does anyone understand?

Something exceptional happened in one of the band’s most exceptional songs. Because, as they themselves explained, “when we grew up, we went to Waffle House after shows, and it became our sanctuary. the place where we finally realized we could find our way through anything as long as we were together. Waffle House was born from a simple yet powerful idea: when you sit down with the people who matter most, anything is possible. This song is not about a restaurant, try to unite with the people you love and make your dreams come true.”

For this, they did not hesitate to throw the house out the window and show their most danceable, fun and informal side. All crowned by a final party full of confetti in a setting as spectacular as the Royal Albert Hall in London where the trio was present last April offering a unique spectacle that delighted the thousands of viewers who ended up being part of the music video for Waffle House.

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