One of the most anticipated games of this year is Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, that in view of the fact that it is developed by a study of the size of insomniac games, it is expected to eventually become a clear candidate for GOTY 2023. But hey, if it does end up coming out this year, the last thing that is known at the moment is that It will arrive during the fall season, i.e. end of 2023.

For this reason, many gamers wait when a PlayStation Showcase might be announced, as it is expected that at this event, they will eventually teach Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 gameplay. Well, today was not the day of this announcement, nor the day to show the gameplay of the aforementioned game, but the title starred in the news it will make all the fans eager to know her story very happy.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 will have a prequel in comic book form

This was announced by official PlayStation blog, where they shared the first details of this comic:

  • This comic will be an official prequel to Marvel’s Spider-Man 2
  • It will answer some questions like “What does Pete do now that there are two Spider-Men in town?” How is Miles at school? And how is MJ’s career as a journalist progressing?
  • It will be released to celebrate the Free comic day in the United States from May 6
  • But those coming from outside the United States will have no problem since you can read it digitally and discover the story it tells. It will be later, on an unconfirmed date for now

They also confirmed that Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered will soon be available for purchase alone for the first time. It is now available for €49.99 on the PS Store. And those who have the original PS5 game will be able to upgrade it for €10 to the PS5 remastered version.

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