Busy weekend on Netflix with 6 premieres between films, series and new seasons. The most popular will be the arrival of season 2 of Bienvenidos a Eden, the Spanish series that has triumphed all over the world with an interesting, but rather hackneyed proposal. However, I would also like to point out eighteen more years there cloudy diamondsa film and a series that will give a lot to say if they are lucky and meet with success with the public.

Eighteen Again – April 21

A fantastic comedy that comes to us from Sweden thanks to netflix Directed by Jonathan Etzler: this is his first film and we follow Amelia, a 40-year-old woman hit by a bus on her birthday. When he wakes up, he discovers that he has traveled in the past: he is 18 years old and you can remedy all the mistakes you have made throughout your life.

Welcome to Eden Season 2 – April 21

The first season of welcome to eden It ended on a high note, with an important revelation and a promising future. But let’s face it, this dystopian sci-fi series has a lot of bad things too, like its insistence on creating love strife in every character and some questionable performances, to say the least. Will Welcome to Eden season 2 have improved?

Shady Diamonds – April 21

Belgium returns to offer us an original series for netflixin this case cloudy diamondsa thriller starring Casper Knopf there Kevin Janssens in which we follow a prodigal son who suffocates his family business in debt. At this time, his brother returns to the diamond district of Antwerp to face these consequences. If you like the genre (thriller with accents of family drama), Shady Diamonds is a series made for you.

Shady Diamonds is Netflix’s new thriller

Other Netflix releases from April 21 to 23, 2023

  • With the slipknot around the neck – April 21.
  • travel guide to love – April 21.
  • Love Bites – April 22.

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