Sifu opens on Xbox and Steam with its Las Arenas extension and I tell you all the news

Sifu opens on Xbox and Steam with its Las Arenas extension and I tell you all the news

Friends and friends it’s the moment of truth, Sifu is now available on consoles Microsoftsuch XboxOne as Xbox series X|S and on the platform Valve, To smoke. The success of the title slumped was very well known around the world, offering different, challenging and entertaining work that, to this day, could only be enjoyed in epic games, To change there PS4|5.

as I tell you, now Sifu is available on consoles Microsoft there To smoke where on the Valve platform it was released with nearly a thousand positive reviews, almost nothing. Additionally, the game comes with the free expansion The Sands which we have already tried and which I will tell you right now.

Las Arenas comes to Sifu for free

  • Sifu It is now available on all platforms
  • If you haven’t heard of him yet, you can read the analysis by Juan Linares in this link
  • Now we have new content added and free, the sands
  • Your path to mastery will be filled with new obstacles in Las Arenas
  • Get ready for spectacular fights, brutal opponents and endless opportunities to hone your moves
  • Here everything is more challenging so you have to take it very calmly and above all finish the main campaign first
  • We will be able to revive certain sections or embark on reduced scenarios in which resist hordes of enemies in record time
  • we will have 45 distributed challenges For nine dynamic locationscompletely independent from the main mode
  • The extension adds some 10 hours of play to the original experience and five new modes

I strongly recommend that you read our analysis and then embark on this stimulating adventure of Kung Fu which is now available to everyone and features new Las Arenas content that is completely free. Have Sifu for a while and we want more Sifu in the future.

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