Authorities released a video captured with body cameras of the mass shooting at a train depot north of California (United States), where ten people died (including the perpetrator).

According to reports, the murderer shot himself twice in the temple just as the police stormed the scene, on May 26.

The video, about 4 and a half minutes long, came from an agent who arrived just minutes after receiving the first call for help and while the shots were still being heard in the train depot of the Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority ( VTA) in San Jose, where Samuel Cassidy, 57, shot and killed his colleagues before committing suicide.

Immediately, the agents at the scene formed a special unit to search for the aggressor. The video shows the team cautiously climbing the stairs to the third floor, where a VTA supervisor comes out with his hands up displaying his company card.

The five agents enter the building, pointing their machine guns, using the flashlights of their weapons to illuminate the passage through rooms and corridors to a communications center.

In a few minutes a shot is heard, then another, then two more. An agent looks out a window and says to his colleagues: “There I see a fallen”. The agents pull open the door and one of them yells “Hands up!”

Then two more shots seem to go off. The video then shows a man lying on a chair near a ladder, gun in hand. Opposite is the door to the communications center with the window shot out. The assailant shot himself under the chin and then in the temple, the police commander said.

It is unclear if Cassidy knew the officers were nearby, but it is possible that she saw their flashlights or heard their screams coming up the stairs.


The video comes to light as the FBI released a study according to which California has had the highest number of incidents of gun violence in the last 20 years.

A VTA spokeswoman told the San Jose Mercury News that it could be weeks or months before rail service is fully restored.

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