Listen SFDK listen to rap history. The Sevillian duo marked a before and after in the book of a genre that began to be written in our country with their fists and their letters. Zatu and Acción Sánchez are considered authentic legends, who inspired new artists to pursue their dream of impacting many others with their lyrics.

For this reason, we could not find better protagonists to inaugurate URBAN Originals, a new format of in-depth interviews in which the artists will bring us closer to stories to be told and which have marked a before and after in the genre. Artists who either pioneered it or allowed it to go hand in hand with the present.

SFDK arrives at URBAN Originals to immerse themselves in this story. A story full of ups and downs, difficult beginnings, hopeful projects, obstacles along the way, and meaningful emotional messages. Because for two young rappers from Pino Montano (Seville), there were no limits and they had a clear priority when they started to take their first steps in the industry: never lose the essence that defines them .

casually, This is how they have remained to this day.. Zatu and Acción Sánchez showed on and off stage that they are still those Zatu and Acción Sánchez of the early 90s who shared their words of protest so that all who listened to them could make them their own.

SFDK, in URBAN Originals / Jose Lastra

But the industry has evolved, and something they’ve shown over the years is a chameleon-like, open attitude to listen to whatever new talent is starting to offer. That’s why they joined Natos y Waor and Sara Socas, among many others, on their new album Inkable. They already say it: even if there are musical styles that don’t correspond to your own tastes, give them a chance. There’s a reason they ring high on the charts.

But, as we mentioned in the previous lines, SFDK’s path has not been full of roses. The Sevillians encountered all kinds of obstacles which they only managed to overcome together and with great mutual trust. And among these obstacles we include drugs and all those who appeared to demolish what they had built.

In regards to URBAN Originals

URBAN Originals is a new LOS40 Urban project focused on spreading the stories of artists who, in one way or another, marked a before and after in the urban music scene. We will have voices that have resounded on the stage and which have developed in the industry which has made them references, both for the old and for the new generations.

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