Adalberto Reyes is one of 22 people, including 6 children, who have been displaced after a fire that occurred last Saturday afternoon in a multi-family house where several people lived.

“When I was able to come here, the firefighters were already there and I only found four puppies outside that the neighbors had and I didn’t know anything about the other two,” says Adalberto Reyes, one of the victims. of the fire that was reported at 618 13th Avenue in Little Havana.

Once the fire was out, Reyes managed to get into the house and recalls: “I found them in a corner of the house…there they were hard, they weren’t burnt. But they were like drowned. I think the smoke killed them.”

According to Adalberto, fire department authorities have determined a preliminary cause of the fire. They say “it was a short circuit. So I say to the community that we always plug, more than all Hispanics, many devices to a single power strip. Don’t do it because it gets hot and it’s deadly .”

In truth, it is one house; however, it is divided into six units. The fire started at the top, spread throughout the property, to the point that the entire structure was damaged. But home insurance does not cover tenants’ losses in the event of a fire.

“The worst part is that this property had its present problems, not just now, but forever, and no one has ever done anything here. What the owners want is money from their rent and they don’t care that the tenant has to work,” remarks Reyes.

To avoid finding yourself in this situation, it is always recommended that you take out rental insurance when renting a property, which can compensate you for damage caused by fire and smoke, vandalism, water damage, damage to devices, personal injury and related medical expenses, and costs of legal advice in the event of damage to third parties.

Adalberto Reyes did not have this insurance, so his family created an account to raise help. “Anyone who can help, please help me and if you have a puppy, like this, if you can give it to me, give it to me, I accept it with all my heart.”

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