Since last December, Becky G and Sebastian Lletget are having one of their finest moments. The couple got engaged after six years of relationship somewhere very special to them, although it seems the saying that an engagement ring is always cursed, in their case, might have a reason.

In recent days, the artist and the footballer They’ve been embroiled in a controversy that could end their relationship before they even walk down the aisle. The reason? A young woman who via social networks assured that Sébastien would have been unfaithful to the artist in a well-known nightclub in Madrid last February. Before her word was questioned, the young woman published various images, photographs and messages of the midfielder and assured that her only objective was to make Becky G aware of this fact.

Sebastian Lletget speaks for the first time

Neither of them would comment on these rumors, but the last time we heard about the two of them together was at the Oscars where they posed together. However, today is Lletget wanted to break his silence with a statement in which he addressed Becky G and clarified the situation.

“Over the past few weeks, at a time that I truly regret, a 10-minute period of no judgment ended in extortion,” he said, admitting that “since this person has didn’t get what she wanted, it became a public spectacle on social media full of more fake posts than truth” aimed at the love of his life.

The footballer went on to say that he had never met this “anonymous stalker” and that it served as an alert: “The loudest alarm of my life. I can’t run away from my demons. I know that one of the actions that put us in this place should not have happened. (…) Pushing boundaries that should never have been crossed only hurts me and the people I love the most.”

Direct words to Becky G

In this long statement, the American wanted to speak directly to his girlfriend, Becky G: “You have been the light in my life, my strength, who has always shown me unconditional love. Instead of honoring this love every day, I did otherwise, hurting you and not respecting the person I love more than anything. I’m so sorry and I know I have to do whatever it takes to earn back the trust and love you deserve.“.

The situation he is living led him to confess long-standing mental health issues and that he is ready to heal them by putting them in the hands of a professional: “There is a reality that I have hidden from everyone around me. I have struggled with personal trauma and anxiety made of my own denial, pride and decisions,” he wrote.

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