Sara Carbonero’s emotional dedication to one of the most special people in her life: ‘I owe you what I am’

Sara Carbonero’s emotional dedication to one of the most special people in her life: ‘I owe you what I am’

Sarah Carbonero she is in love again. The host has found a new illusion in the artist Nacho Taboada, with whom she has already been seen enjoying a good meal in an Italian restaurant in Madrid with other friends.

But Nacho is obviously not the only important person in his life. Sara is lucky to have a family and a group of friends who are there when she needs them. And one of them is, without a doubt, his grandmother.

She has just become the protagonist of one of her latest publications on her Instagram account. And it is that he wanted to dedicate some kind words to pay tribute to him on the occasion of his 98th birthday. A lifetime! “We keep adding more, grandma. I owe you what I am. 98 years old like 98 soles. I love you”, declares the presenter of News telecinco in the description of your photo gallery. We see that she is enjoying the company of one of the most important women in her life.

Many friends and colleagues of our protagonist shared their reactions among the replies to the post. One of them is Cristina Pedrochewho left her with red hearts which clearly show that she was also moved by what Sara shared, something she also did vanessa martin. “A lot of congratulations,” he said. noemi salazar. “How wonderful! “, he adds. Eva González. Irene Junquera, Paula Echevarria, Isabel Jiménez and Bibiana Fernandez are others that can be read.

As we mentioned in the previous lines, Nacho Taboada has become Sara Carbonero’s new life partner. Both are enjoying a new and beautiful stage in their lives, adding unforgettable moments that fill their hearts. Of course, at this moment there is Isabel Jiménez, who is Sara’s inseparable friend and the one who has turned out to be in “the hard and the mature”. In fact, the meal plan they made with their respective partners a few days ago makes it more than clear that the Mediaset halls have united them forever.

Congratulations to Sara Carbonero’s grandmother!

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