Disney+ premieres on Wednesday April 26, 2023, one of the most anticipated Spanish series of the year, you would toothe new work of David-Victor there Jordi Vallejo (the latter only as screenwriter) which draws on references such as money theft oh red sky shape And whodunnit addictive in which it is very difficult to distinguish between victims or accomplices. This is precisely the debate that arises when one takes full advantage of its 8 chapters: a good storyline that generates a discussion about what is moral and what is not on each side.

A bus is robbed in the middle of the night, but the victims are saved in extremis by a mysterious hooded man who murders the three robbers before fleeing. At that time, a much more complicated police investigation than anyone would have expected, because the victims could have become accomplices. And the media will take advantage of this situation to take advantage of it and create an anonymous hero with whom it seems difficult not to sympathize.

You would do your best too

It is noted for good that David-VictorDirector of you would tooI work for red sky, one of the most addictive Spanish series of recent years. I’m not going to assess whether the latest draft of Alex Pina For netflix It’s good or not, because you have to judge for yourself, but its format is unique and allows you to become addicted. In this direction, You would also inherit the duration of its chapters (30-35 minutes on average) and narrative force (everything happens quickly, without letting the viewer think) shape a whodunnit very powerful, in which the cards are quickly put on the table.

It is possible that the best of you would too be the scenario and the moral dilemmas that flow from it. If I focus solely on the script, despite using some questionable narrative devices (temporal ellipses, flashbacks and other tools seen a thousand times) We are talking about a fairly competent script in which progress is made by leaps and bounds. The twists and turns are surprising and the plots never seem to fill out despite being such a choral series.: several police officers, the victims of the robbery, the robbers and the hooded hero, in addition to the role played by the media. All have their main role, without falling into repetitiveness and the dialogues that remain.

You would also be technically surprised

And if I talk about the debate behind the project, a round of applause for David-Victor there Jordi Vallejo. You see money theftSurely you wanted to know more about the consequences that the role of the media has for the group. You would also take the opportunity to shape a interesting discussion on the role of television and the press as the fourth estate. And at the same time, we attended the ongoing debate over whether the victims are really victims or act as accomplices for unknown reasons.

The worst of you would be too

I’m surprised that having such a powerful cast (Michelle Jenner, Ana Wagener, Ana Polvorosa, Pablo Molinero, Paco Tous oh Salty Chechu) and a storyline that is notable to say the least, many of the performances are questionable. For example, I don’t believe at all Ana Polvorosa there Paco All I find it creepy sometimes. Perhaps the one that best finds its place in you would too sea Ana Wagener, albeit in a role we’ve seen a thousand times. And it’s a shame, because all the actors have shown in previous projects that they are very good, but From the direction, they didn’t do a good job of controlling some forced-sounding dialogue and somewhat over-the-top renditions.

you would too
The scenario of You would too, one of the best of the series

You would do it too is one of the best Spanish series on Disney Plus

Despite the latter, You Would Too is one of the biggest Spanish surprises in the Disney Plus catalog. This must be the way forward: giving the green light to projects with a national footprint, but with an international vocation. Giving space to series like this that wouldn’t find a home in the open, but can be a hit in streaming.

You Would Too is available now on Disney Plus. You can see you would too from here.

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