Spanish version of Humor Amarillo reboot will premiere on Prime Video in 2023

In the 1990s, the program yellow humor triumphed on television in our country. Fun tests and fillers Paco Bravo and Fernando Costilla they were protagonists every Sunday. Now he will return with a new name thanks to First video. The streaming platform Amazon will bring back this format, with the Spanish version of the Japanese contest Takeshi Castle. Do you want to know when it opens? Keep reading this article and To the nougat!.

Release date of Takeshi’s Castle on Prime Video

  • Takeshi Castle will be published on July 10, 2023 In Amazon Prime Video.
  • The first season will feature eight episodes.
  • The producer of david broncano (Formwork Formwork) will be responsible for making the Spanish version of Takeshi Castle.

Jorge Ponce, Eva Soriano and Dani Rovira will be in charge of dubbing the characters

Daniel Rovira y Eva Soriano will be in charge of the dubbing and humorous commentary of several characters, as well as jorge ponce, who is also an executive producer of the show. Moreover, the emblematic commentators of yellow humorFernando Costilla and paco bravothey will return as part of the secondary cast of this new format. Michael Campos will be in charge of the production of this first season, and the humorous duo Come nuns, They will be responsible for creating the main theme of the program, creating a new exclusive song for each of the episodes.

Takeshi Castle was a television phenomenon for millions of viewers in Spain, under the name of yellow humorbetween 1990 and 1995. The competition showed how 100 candidates had to pass various outdoor testswhich required good physical condition. Cross a trampoline pond or walk on a suspension bridge while being attacked by bullets giants, were some of the challenges they faced, where they led to some fun results. Falls and humorous commentary made this space one of the most entertaining for all audiences.

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