Operation Fortune: The Great Deception arrives on Prime Video on Friday, April 21, 2023

Even though it’s usual Jason Statham be synonymous with success, his latest film, Operation Fortune: The Great Hoax, It was not the case. This feature film directed by the director Guy Ritchie now only racks up $38 million worldwide. And it’s practically that it adds a plus to the collection because Operation Fortune: The Great Hoax already has a release date on Prime Video Spain. When will this action thriller be available? stock?

When did Operation Fortune: The Great Hoax release on Prime Video?

First video confirmed with a press release the premiere of Operation Fortune: The Great Hoax In Spain. In this way:

  • Operation Fortune: The Great Hoax will air on Prime Video Spain on Friday, April 21, 2023.
  • About the opening time we know little, but the usual thing is that Prime Video releases are available in the morning. .
Operation Fortune: The Big Hoax is an action-thriller directed by Guy Ritche and will soon be available on Prime Video

You have very few days left to enjoy Operation Fortune: The Great Hoaxand if you want to know more about the movie, read its synopsis and meet its cast.

Synopsis, trailer and cast of Operation Fortune: The great disappointment

The MI6 Agent Orson fortune and his team recruit one of Hollywood’s biggest movie stars to help them on an undercover mission. The goal? Hunt down and stop the sale of weapons whose technology is lethal, in the hands of the billionaire Greg Simmonds

Be careful, because Jason Statham He’s not the only star in the cast of Operation Fortune: The Great Hoax. This actor is joined by names as important as Aubrey Plaza, Josh Harnett, Cary Elwes there Hugh Grant. will you see in First video a film that had everything to succeed, except luck in theaters?

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