One of Takehiko Inoue’s well-known works has been confirmed to return in the coming months.

Takehiko Inoue He is one of the most famous authors in the history of manga, because in his name we can find jewels like “Slam Dunk” or “Vagabond”. Another of the works that shone the most in the author’s career is “Real“, but as “Vagabond” was affected by constant stoppages due to the author’s condition. Fortunately, it was announced that “Real” will be released again in Japan in the coming months.

Real will add new content this summer

So I leave you with full details of how much MangaMogura has collected Regarding the return of Takehiko Inoue’s “Real” manga:

  • It has been officially confirmed that Real will be released again from summer 2023.
  • For now no date or month has been confirmed for the return of the manga. This means that the manga will most likely add new content at some point between the months of June and well into September.
  • What has been confirmed is that the manga will remain in Weekly Young Jumpa Shueisha magazine in which Real has been published since October 2019.
  • The manga Real counts to date with 15 volumes publishedhaving added a total of more than 16 million copies in circulation with all that. It originally began publication in 2001, adding a new volume every year, but as of 2015, publication has been mostly paralyzed. To date, Takehiko Inoue offers new chapters on a totally irregular basis.

What happened to Vagabond? Why has the manga been on hiatus for almost 7 years?

As with “Vagabond”, it is unfortunate that “Real” could not benefit from the publication conditions that would be desired for a work as recognized as this one. Knowing how busy Inoue-sensei’s schedule is today, it’s best not to get too excited about the return of this book. The best is have no expectations of any kind and just enjoy whatever happens to you.

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