Despite A play This is a series that has been active for over 25 years, there are still too many unanswered questions about its history. The fan community of Eiichiro Oda’s work loves it theorize about the fate of the characters, the end of Luffy’s adventure or the truth about the great mysteries of his pirate world. And one of the most recurring themes for many years in terms of speculation is the possible relationship between Kuinaformer rival and childhood friend of Zoro, y Vehiclesubordinate of the smoker.

As you all know, Kuina was a girl who lived in the same village as Zoro and had an innate talent for fighting with a sword until her death by falling down the stairs of her house. Her death and his close relationship with her were the events that motivated the green-haired young man to want to become the best swordsman in the world. But… What if Kuina wasn’t dead?, How do you explain that there is another person nailed to her and that she is also very good with a sword? It’s time to review the most famous theories about Kuina and Tashigi.

The best theories about Kuina and Tashigi

1. Tashigi is related to Kuina

This year, Oda revealed the family tree of Zoro and confirmed that he and Kuina are both descendants of the Shimotsuki (the same that the legendary Ryuma belonged to). It turns out that 55 years ago, a group of 25 people from this clan left Wano heading for East Blueand 10 of them settled on an island which they later named Shimotsuki Village (Zoro’s home).

What the author didn’t say was what happened to the other 15 people, which is why many fans believe they stayed to live in another part of Grand Line. And that’s where it comes in Tashigi. Many people think that Smoker’s subordinate could be a Kuina-related Shimotsukithere this would explain his great love for swords, his ability to wield them and his great resemblance to the deceased. Maybe they’re sisters and all, who knows.

This theory is the most plausible to me.

2. Tashigi ES Kuina

Another of the more classic One Piece theories (but not for that reason more interesting) is the one that points out that Kuina did not die from her accident. Many people think that it would be ridiculous for someone as skilled as her to die in such a simple wayso to this day they are still looking for a way to justify other possibilities as it survived but somehow ended up enlisting in the navy.

Unfortunately for this sector of fandom, It doesn’t look like Kuina is still alive.. Remember that every time Oda “cheats” on us with the death of a character, he never shows us his corpse, yet he did it with her. And also any explanation on the survival of the young woman would be too far-fetched.

3. Tashigi is a Kuina clone


In the Egghead arc, it was announced that clones exist in the One Piece universe. MADS scientists managed to breed Ms Backingham Stussy and she was “the first successful case”, so there could be more. Following this revelation, people began to connect the dots, and some think Tashigi might be a Kuina clone.

Why would a member of MADS want to clone a girl from Shimotsuki Village when he shouldn’t even know of her existence? No idea, but it’s a theory that is slowly spreading. For my part, I see it as very unlikely.

4. Kuina is alive and working with Dragon


One of the most popular theories related to this issue is that Kuina is alive and faked her own death in order to join the revolutionary army. It seems Many believe that Dragon and his allies visited Shimotsuki Village in the past and, seeing the young woman’s abilities, decided to add her to their ranks..

The theory is also supported by Kuina’s own dream, since she could have considered that traveling with the revolutionaries would help her become more powerful and thus achieve her great ambition: to become the number one swordsman.

It’s not really bad, but as an argument it’s still a bit lame due to that Dragon visited the Shimotsuki dojo, something that has never been confirmed.

Now that I have laid out the most well-known theories on Kuina and Tashigi, I will give my opinion on the matter. I sincerely believe that Kuina is dead and that Oda will not get her back in any way. There’s no need to bring it back (and that might be stupid), but it does I would find it interesting that she was actually related to Tashigi sort of, and more after knowing the story of the Shimotsuki.

What do you think?

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