A playcontinues his journey. The franchise is so popular that it will even have your own ice showsomething which, of course, is not accessible to anyone. The other relevant news of the brand in recent days, this one a little more normal, is that we already have release date of the physical edition of “Film Red” in Spain.

Today, what I want to talk to you about is classic anime from “One Piece”. Being more specific, I’ll tell you when and where exactly can we see his next chapter. In case you have any doubts, the broadcast of the series will not vary in any way due to the transition from the winter season to the spring season.

One Piece EP 1056 release date and time

Here is all the information about it:

  • Date: sunday april 2.
    • 11:00 in Spain
    • 03:00 in Mexico
    • 4:00 a.m. in Colombia
    • 5:00 a.m. in Venezuela
    • 6:00 am in Chile
    • 6:00 am in Argentina
  • Where: via “One Piece” tab on Crunchyroll.

And here is the information on the premiere of the next anime chapter of “One Piece”. Considering the fact that we are going to change seasons and we are going to have a lot of new series… Would you like the Luffy series to leave Wano to start a new adventure? I read you in the comments.

Before finishing, if you are over one piece mangaI remind you that you can read in Spanish and for free the chapter 1079 of the manga. I leave you linked the news in which my partner Michael tell us all the details about it.

Schedules of other anime

The winter season has other very good series that release new episodes week after week. These are all the details on the premiere of the upcoming chapters of some of this winter’s most notable anime.

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