What a Sunday good old Eiichiro Oda gave us! The fan community of A play experienced again a carousel of emotions with manga chapter 1079, in which the focus moved away from Egghead and towards Elbaf. The House of Giants has witnessed a historic event that will change the course of the fight to obtain Roger’s great treasure.

I don’t know about you, but in my opinion, this chapter felt like the best I’ve read in all of 2023, and I can’t wait to see what Oda-sensei is up to next. appearance in Shonen Jump Revue. Now is the time to wait chapter 1080 patiently.

When was One Piece Chapter 1080 released?

  • A play will return with a new chapter of his manga Sunday next day April 9 To 5:00 p.m. (Spanish peninsula time)
  • Following the publication model established by Eichiro Oda, This week it’s up to you to “rest” and his work will be absent from the next issue of Weekly Shonen Jump
  • Chapter 1080, like the previous ones, can be read completely free, legally and with a Spanish translation via Manga More
  • And as always, I remind you, it is expected that at the beginning of next week the first spoilers of the chapter on the different social networks on the Internet

And what happened in the previous chapter?

  • In Chapter 1079, Eiichiro Oda introduced two big events that blew the heads of the fans
  • The first was a brief appearance of Blackbeard’s ship in Eggheadwhich suggested that the Yonko had completely defeated the crew of Trafalgar D. Law
  • The second was the aftermath of the clash between Shanks and Eustass Kid
  • The redhead took it easy and waited until his rival was ready to fight, but as soon as he used his haki and saw a future in which Kid caused irreparable damage to his owndecided to go on the attack at breakneck speed
  • Shanks launches the “Kamusari” attack (the same one Roger used) and with it completely defeats Kid and Killer
  • behind this take all road poneglyphs and Dorry and Brogy destroy the ship with a combo attack
  • Now it’s official: Eustass Kid’s crew was completely wiped out in the blink of an eye

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