New ‘Pasapalabra’ Contestants Alejandra and Jorge Reveal What They Would Spend the Pot On

New ‘Pasapalabra’ Contestants Alejandra and Jorge Reveal What They Would Spend the Pot On

Our nerves are still on the surface, after the moment that Rafa Castaño made us live last Thursday, March 16. The Sevillian faced to the jackpot of 2,272,000 euros and he fought it in such a way that he managed to get the draw money. From A in “aspersor” to Z in “Zabro”, there is not a letter of the alphabet that resists it.

The contestant enjoyed his time on the program so much that, in addition to taking away the great competition experience, it also gave him time to fall in love. Without a doubt, an enviable trip to which now two new candidates compete in a bid to get closer to the amount Rafa took.

George and Alexandra do new entrants come Password ready to get little by little to add more money to the pot which starts from 100,000 euros, a good amount to start and not stop adding money.

The two are already competing for the jackpot, but not before going through Roberto Leal’s confession section where they reveal what they would do with that money.

If they won the jackpot… what would they do?

The first person who was confronted with this question was Alejandra: “Well, listen, I was married for ten years the year of the pandemic and we had planned to go to Orlando in the parks”, she explained, reaffirming that things had started mid -path. “I would love to take my kids to celebrate the birthday, Pasapalabra and whatever it takes,” he concluded.

After this dream of taking a ticket to the city of Florida, it’s time to Jorge. The professor who is looking to win the new boat ‘Pasapalabra’ also explained what he will use his prize for, although this time his aim is very similar to that of other contestants who sit in the Antena 3 entertainment format. I have a mortgage to pay (…) and there is also the communion of my daughter Lucia”, he declared.

As they accumulate programs and get closer to their desires, the public is

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